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Looking Season 2 premieres on January 11. Check out the teaser:

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Just when you thought we couldn’t work Disney’s hit animated film “Frozen” into ONE MORE blog post, we are excited to announce the addition of Jonathan Groff to the lineup of celebrity narrators for the 2014 Candlelight Processional at Epcot.

Groff, who voices the character of Kristoff in Disney’s “Frozen,” is also a Tony-nominated veteran of the Broadway stage (“Spring Awakening”) and TV (“Glee”).

This year’s event will also have a little “Scandal” with everyone’s favorite Gladiator Papa Pope Joe Morton, who plays Kerry Washington’s secret-agent-father on Scandal. Morton’s career has spanned more than 40 years with hits on Broadway, TV and in film.

Groff and Morton join an illustrious list of celebrity narrators for this year’s event including newcomers Ana Gasteyer and returning favorites like Whoopi Goldberg and Neil Patrick Harris. They will be just part of the Holidays Around the World celebration at Epcot, the Candlelight Processional is one of the most beloved holiday traditions at Epcot – a joyous retelling of the Christmas story by a celebrity narrator accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra and a glorious mass choir.

Jodi Benson – 11/28 – 11/29
Neil Patrick Harris – 11/30 – 12/2
Jonathan Groff – 12/3 – 12/4
Whoopi Goldberg – 12/5 – 12/6
TBD – 12/7 – 12/9
TBD – 12/9 – 12/11
Joe Morton – 12/12 – 12/14
Chita Rivera – 12/15 – 12/17
Ana Gasteyer (New) – 12/18 –12/20
Marlee Matlin – 12/21 – 12/23
Isabella Rossellini – 12/24 – 12/25
Blair Underwood – 12/26 – 12/27
Steven Curtis Chapman – 12/28 – 12/30

The Candlelight Processional is presented three times per night at the American Gardens Theater at Epcot. Show times are 5 p.m., 6:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. (Narrators are subject to change without notice.)
For more information on Holidays Around the World at Epcot and the Candlelight Processional or to make reservations for a Candlelight Processional dinner package, check out And check back to the Disney Parks Blog for updates on who fills those last coveted slots in our narrator lineup.


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L.A. Theatreworks recently announced their upcoming season which includes Jonathan Groff in The Whipping Man. Performances start July 16-19! Details below:

The Whipping Man
by Matthew Lopez

at The James Bridges Theater, UCLA, Melnitz Hall
235 Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Located in Melnitz Hall on the UCLA Campus

Directed by Judyann Elder, starring Jonathan Groff (Frozen, Looking)
Tensions run high as Caleb (Jonathan Groff), a young Jewish Confederate soldier, celebrates Passover with his family’s newly freed slaves in their crumbling antebellum mansion. This gripping drama explores a little known aspect of the Civil War, unearthing dark family secrets on the way to a shocking climax. Described as “haunting, striking and powerful” by the New York Times, the play won the 2011 New York Outer Critics Circle Award.

“…wonderfully satisfying…the action spools out elegantly as new revelations arise and characterizations deepen.” — Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

Buy tickets

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Check out this latest Side by Side with Susan Blackwell where Sutton Foster prank calls Jonathan.

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Season 2 of the HBO series Looking hasn’t even started filming yet but that didn’t stop the enthusiasm for the show, its cast (Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, Frankie J Alvarez, new full-time cast member Lauren Weedman) and creator Michael Lannan at Saturday’s Outfest panel, Inside Looking.

The warm and chummy group took to the stage at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles to talk about how the first season was received and what we can expect with the second season, which will premiere in early 2015 on HBO.

Before the panel, however, TheBacklot was on the red carpet and, among other topics, we talked to Groff about just how he stayed in shape during his hiatus. We also asked Alvarez whether fans will be less polarized about his character Agustin in Season 2 and got Lannan to explain his process for creating new characters to inhabit the world of Looking for its new episodes.

Watch interviews here

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At L.A.’s Outfest on Saturday afternoon, the cast and creators of HBO’s “Looking” gathered for a Q&A panel discussion about the show, which, although didn’t show any footage from the new season since they don’t start shooting for another month, did reveal a few nuggets of information to savor while we wait in anticipation for season two.

1. Those three characters announced may not be a big deal.
“It’s funny when you see those things,” said director and exec producer Andrew Haigh, “because sometimes they’re people with two lines in one episode.” So, maybe for those three diverse characters already announced, we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

2. But more characters are on the way.
“You’ll see more great additional characters,” creator and exec producer Michael Lannan assured the audience.

3. Agustin has a new love interest.
One character that hasn’t been announced already is a new love interest for Agustin named Eddie, which arrived as news even to Frankie J. Alvarez on stage. Maybe a new love interest will help set Agustin straight after he became such an insufferably divisive character in season one.

4. A “cuddlier” character will be introduced.
After an audience member raised a question about the under-representation of overweight gay men on the show, Haigh teased there would be the addition of a “cuddlier guy.” Sounds like the show will be getting its first bear.

5. Doris will get a love life.
“I’d like more sex scenes for me,” Lauren Weedman joked, mentioning her singular makeout scene with Hugo, her barely-there love interest from season one. “There is a love interest,” Haigh told her about season two, to which she responded: “I can’t wait to see how you picture a Doris love interest.” “He’s a very attractive, smart man,” Haigh said. “There is some sex,” he added. “Oh, I’m sure everyone wants to see that,” Weedman immediately retorted.

6. Scott Bakula will return.
After Raul Castillo and Weedman both got upped to series regulars, the fate of Scott Bakula’s Lynn was left in a bit of limbo. Would we get to see how the relationship between him and Dom either progressed or resolved? The answer is that we will. “There will be more of Patrick with Kevin and Richie, and we’ll also see what happens with Dom and Lynn and how they navigate that,” Haigh said.

7. More family time could be coming.
Haigh noted they will continue to explore the complex dynamic between Patrick and his mother, which so profoundly came to a head in season one’s seventh episode. He then added the desire for over the course of the show to explore all of the characters’ relationships with their families.

8. The Golden Girls will be together more.
While a large portion of season one had the trio of Patrick, Agustin and Dom apart and dealing with their own situations, Haigh noted, “in season two, there’s a lot more of the three of them together, which I think is good.”


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The highly acclaimed HBO film adaptation of Larry Kramer’s acclaimed Tony Award-winning play THE NORMAL HEART, directed by Ryan Murphy, is now available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.

The official description of The Normal Heart on HBO is as follows: “Directed by Emmy winner Ryan Murphy (“Eat Pray Love,” “Glee”) and written by Academy Award nominee Larry Kramer (“Women in Love”), adapting his groundbreaking Tony Award-winning play of the same name, the drama tells the story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS Crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation’s sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial. The film also stars Alfred Molina (“An Education”), Tony Award winner Joe Mantello (“Law & Order”), Jonathan Groff(HBO’s “Looking”), Denis O’Hare (HBO’s “True Blood”), Stephen Spinella (“Milk”), Corey Stoll (“House of Cards”),Finn Wittrock (“Unbroken”) and BD Wong (HBO’s “Oz”). An HBO Films presentation of a Plan B and Blumhouse production in association with Ryan Murphy Productions, The Normal Heart is executive produced by Ryan Murphy, Dante Di Loreto (“Glee”), Jason Blum (the “Paranormal Activity” series), Brad Pitt (“Moneyball”), Dede Gardner (“12 Years a Slave”). Mark Ruffalo co-executive produces; Scott Ferguson (HBO’s “Temple Grandin”) produces.”

THE NORMAL HEART aired May 25 at 9 PM on HBO.

Order The Normal Heart on DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon here.


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“I hate karaoke,” Jonathan Groff tells me while shrugging on a leather jacket. “I love going to see other people do karaoke, but performing karaoke stresses me out. I get nervous that it’s like not in the right key. Or will I be able to hear the band? Is the mix right? Too many things out of my control.” This might come as a surprise, considering Groff, 29, was nominated for a Tony for his first role in a Broadway production, Spring Awakening, at the tender age of 22, before going on to star as Lea Michele’s vocally gifted boyfriend, Jesse St. James, on Glee.

But the baby-faced Groff, currently gearing up to film the second season of HBO’s comedy-drama Looking (oft-called the gay Girls), is more low-key than you’d expect from a guy who can claim Lea Michele as a BFF. (The two were co-stars in Spring Awakening, and Groff has to apologize for cutting our interview short, but he has to go meet Michele at Barnes & Noble to be on hand for a Q&A about her new memoir, Brunette Ambition.)

Groff is everywhere lately—announcing the nominees for the Tonys, making a cameo in Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of Larry Kramer’s epic AIDS drama The Normal Heart, and of course, being part of the whole Frozen juggernaut as Kristoff (a love interest who doesn’t turn out to be a total d-bag)—but he still approaches his fame with a sense of wary wonder.

“I haven’t googled myself in five years,” he brags, smiling. “I stay completely unhooked when it comes to social media.” That’s right … he doesn’t even have a Twitter account.

All these attributes in such a young star might be enough to make Groff emblematic of “New Hollywood”—his laid-back attitude towards stardom, his loyalty to a few choice contacts like Murphy, Michele and Looking’s co-creator Andrew Haigh. But add the fact that Groff began his career in Tinseltown already out of the closet, and the actor becomes much more than a symbol. He’s a sign of the changing times.

“I feel really lucky to be acting in 2014,” says Groff, who didn’t officially come out until after Spring Awakening. “Even 10 years ago, it was a totally different scene.”

Unlike hunks of yesteryear, Groff has spent no time in the closet. “I wasn’t denying it or anything, I knew I would talk about it someday, but I didn’t know how or why or when. But then I fell in love for the first time after the show, and I thought ‘Well, I’d rather be out and be in love with this person than try to hide it for any job I had when I came out,’ so I just said fuck it.”

“Being in love was more powerful than any job I’d had before,” adds Groff, who came out publicly at the National Equality March in D.C. in 2009. “That was the impetus.”

Read more over at

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